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Royal Group sustain as a business group with the support from various stakeholders including customers, employees, investors/shareholders, suppliers to local community and society.
"Royal Group Code of Conduct” guides us to fulfill our responsibilities and act with integrity.
We strive to become a business group that is reliable and trustworthy by our stakeholders.

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Our Approach to Business Continuity

Acquired The Industry’s First “DBJ BCM (Business Continuity Management) Rating”

In April 2016, we acquired the industry’s first “DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program” * from the Development Bank of Japan.

Corporations face diversified external risks in recent years, such as natural disasters and world affairs. To minimize loss and manage risks for business continuity, Royal Group has adopted the following four principles into our business continuity management policy.

Our Approach to Business Continuity
  1. 1) Prioritize the respect for human life and the assurance of safety
  2. 2) Respond to our social responsibility in the event of any disaster
  3. 3) Assure the safety of facilities and offices being affected by any disaster
  4. 4) Strive for an early recovery and minimize any effects to the business management

We continuously review our business continuity management.

*The Development Bank of Japan implements its independent rating system to evaluate a company’s disaster management and business continuity management, and sets out loan conditions according to that rating.

Ongoing Support for Disaster Areas

Continuous Support for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

As a food and hospitality corporation, Royal Group supports areas being affected by disasters.
From April 2011, we have been supporting Yamamotocho, Watari District in Miyagi Prefecture, which was affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. We also set up a dining station in Mashikimachi Gymnasium, which was a shelter during the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes. We continue to serve the needed when requested.