Privacy Policy

Each company of the Royal Group (hereafter referred to as “Royal”) shall, under recognition that personal information is an information asset of the customer, conform to the laws and regulations regarding personal information and make every effort to manage and protect the customers’ personal information.

1. Purpose of Use of Information

Royal shall collect customers’ personal information for order or reservation of products, questionnaires, registration of membership program, and/or sending direct mails. When collecting such information, we shall specify the purpose of use and collect information only within a defined scope necessary to achieve such purposes legally.

2. Management of Information

Royal shall store and manage customer’s personal information under our company data management system to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, damage or alteration by third parties. We shall provide customer’s personal information to our outsourced companies for product delivery or data processing purposes. Strict measures are taken to ensure that when personal information is held by the outsourced company, that the outsourced company complies with the same privacy agreements applicable to Royal.

3. Disclosure of Information

We shall meet request(s) from individuals regarding handling personal information such as disclosure, amendments or deletion of the usage of the personal information, after confirming the individual’s request and identity. We may disclose personal information, without the consent of the individual, when it is required by laws, regulations, judicial orders, or in the event such disclosure is necessary in emergency circumstances to protect life or property.

4. Management of Specific Personal Information

We shall store and manage all personal information collected from Individual Number (hereafter referred to as “Specific Personal Information”) according to the provisions stipulated by laws (Social Security and Tax Number System), other regulations, guidelines, etc. related to the protection of Specific Personal Information.
We shall use the Specific Personal Information only within the defined scope under the Social Security and Tax Number System. We do not disclose any Specific Personal Information acquired to third parties except when it is required by laws, regulations or judicial orders.

We may revise this Privacy Policy in order to improve our management system without prior notice. The latest version is published on our website.

Jan 2016
Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.