Royal Group Brands

Royal Host

In December 1971, the first Royal Host restaurant opened in Fukuoka. Now its network spans from Hokkaido to Okinawa, welcoming people from all over Japan.


Since the first store opened in the Yaesu Underground Mall at Tokyo Station in September 1989, we introduce the “Tempura” concept, the Japanese traditional food culture, to the general public, and provide high-quality tempura and tempura rice bowls at affordable prices.

Cowboy Family

The family dining restaurant brings the concept of “Tasty food, joy and excitement at our place” where families with children and a broad range of customers enjoy steak, hamburger steak and salad bar.


Sizzler is a California-originated restaurant, and has been offering steak and grilled seafood according to their original recipes, as well as a salad bar with various types of foods including seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits, hot food, breads, and desserts.


Shakey‘s is a pizza restaurant founded in Sacramento, California in 1954. The first Japan restaurant opened in Akasaka in 1973. For more than 40 years, as the pioneer of pizza restaurants in Japan, we have been serving generations of pizza lovers.


In November 1953, the first authentic French restaurant, Royal Nakasu, opened in Fukuoka. With the renewal in February 2015, Hananoki continues to be an authentic French restaurant, while providing local-grown seasonal ingredients and hospitality services to customers.

Royal Garden Cafe

The first Royal Garden Cafe opened in December 2008 at Meiji Jingu Gaien under the concept of "creating a sustainable community“. It aims to be an indispensable part of the community by serving with the following themes, “Visible food = visual food safety and security”, “Recycle style = recycling of food and materials” and “Local community = nourishing communication”.


Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt concept founded in West Hollywood, California in 2005. It is a leading brand in the U.S. and has 267 locations in 23 countries as of June,2015. The original frozen yogurt is made with non-fat milk and non-fat yogurt with daily hand-cut fresh fruits and various toppings. It is also a popular treat amongst Hollywood celebrities.

The 3rd Cafe/Standard Coffee

Born from the third wave coffee trend in the U.S. West Coast, Standard Coffee offers a new style combined with Royal’s signature bakery and pastry.

ROYAL Airport & Highway Restaurant

In October 1951, we opened our first cafe at Fukuoka Airport. For more than half a century, we have been providing airport and highway travelers with high-quality food and services. Each of our restaurants in airports and highway service/parking areas feature regional menus that use locally-produced ingredients, which are highly rated by both tourists and business travelers.

ROYAL Restaurant in Hospitals

Royal serves a variety of menus developed on our long years of experiences, including Japanese, Chinese, Western dishes and cafe menus to hospital visitors. Royal caters to a variety of needs from patients' birthday parties and special events; special requests during medical checkups; staff lunch meetings, to welcome and farewell parties etc..

Richmond Hotel

Richmond Hotel, Japan’s “Creative Hotel”, was established in 2004 and is managed by RNT HOTELS Co., Ltd.,. We have redefined what a comfortable hotel means and strive to be"friendly to people and nature” with spacious rooms, well-equipped facilities, and universal design.