Royal Group Code of Conduct

In establishing the Code of Conduct

In order to better realize the “Royal Credo” that was established since our founding, and to fulfill our social responsibilities, all employees act on the “Royal Code of Conduct” based on our values and principles.

This Code summarizes the standards that guide our actions, in order to gain trust from the society including our customers, to provide "the most employee-friendly workplace" in food and hospitality service industry in Japan and to maintain sustainable business growth by improving operational efficiency.

Our business has been growing thanks to our customers’ patronage. It is imperative that we gain even more trust from society in the future. Obtaining social trust is not only based on compliance with laws and regulations, but corporate management with high ethical and moral standards are also required for both management and employees.

By practicing the “Royal Code of Conduct”, we will strengthen customer relationships and make every effort to become Japan’s highest quality food and hospitality service group company.

Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.

Royal Group Code of Conduct

We comply with all related laws and regulations and practice the Royal Group Code of Conduct.

Trust from Customers

In order to provide high quality products and satisfying hospitality services, we think from the customer’s perspective and uphold integrity. Our priorities are always placed on the safety, security and quality of products.

Working with Confidence

We respect individual rights and do not tolerate any discrimination against social status, gender, nationality and religion. We provide a safe and secure work environment where individual’s performance is evaluated and rewarded fairly.

Responsibility to the Society and Communities

We contribute to local communities and are committed to protecting the environment. Our goal is to be an indispensable part of the society.

Commitment to Shareholders

We demonstrate high level of transparency in our business and performance, and react flexibly to the changing society and economic environment. We strive to create sustainable growth by providing high quality products and services.

Ties with Business Partners

To grow with our business partners, we conduct transparent and fair transactions in compliance with laws, regulations and our Code of Conduct.
This Code of Conduct will be revised in accordance with any changes to applicable laws and regulations.