Business Development

In order to offer "foods "& "hospitality" chosen as a visitor, it is overwhelmed as much as possible by the structural reinforcement of a group, and maximization of a corporate value.

The “Pursuit of Quality” has been the constant theme that Royal Group strives toward. Over half a century since its founding, Royal Group has been keeping pace with the times. We will continue to evolve and adapt to the changing times and environment by utilizing each advantage of our 4 core businesses - restaurant, contract food service, hotels, and food manufacturing - and sharing expertise among our group companies.

Restaurant Business

Royal Group has various brands all over the country including Royal Host (Royal Group’s core business), Tenya (specializing in tempura and tempura rice bowls), Cowboy Family (featuring steak, hamburgers, and a salad bar), as well as Sizzler (an American-style grill restaurant). Royal Group strives to provide the highest quality food in Japan by offering products and services that best suit customer demands in each region.

Contract Food Service

We obtain trusts from our business partners by providing high quality products from large to small facilities. Royal Group operates at airports, highway service areas, leisure and business facilities, as well as office and social welfare facilities. We strive to be Japan’s top quality contract food service provider, taking full advantage of the Group’s collective strength.

Hotel Business

Richmond Hotels are based on our hospitality expertise that we cultivated in our restaurant business and are highly rated by business people all over the country. Our management philosophy is “to be a hotel that is friendly to people and nature and evolves for our customers.” With that in mind, we are making every effort to be a 21st century hotel that satisfies and impresses our customers.

Food Manufacturing

Royal Group has 2 central kitchens, which are the backbones of our group, at Fukuoka and Tokyo.
In September 1962, Royal Group was the first in Japan to introduce a central kitchen system that integrated processes from mass production to transporting frozen meals. We contribute to Japanese food culture with the know-how we've cultivated for over half a century.