Restaurant Business

Royal Host

A family restaurant that evolves with the times and is indispensable to the society.

In December 1971, the first Royal Host restaurant was opened in Fukuoka. Now its network spans from Hokkaido to Okinawa, welcoming people from all over Japan. The family restaurant is said to have made dining-out more accessible and changed Japanese dining culture. And now, it is at a turning point due to drastic social, economic, and environmental changes such as the sluggish Japanese economy, growing inbound tourism, declining birth rates and aging population, and increasing awareness for food safety. By addressing these changes and evolving with the times, Royal Host strives to become a restaurant that makes customers happy and is indispensable to the society.


The pioneer of Japanese fast food chain introduces the traditional “Tempura” food culture to the general public.

Since the first store opened in the Yaesu Underground Mall at Tokyo Station in September 1989, we introduce the “Tempura” concept, and provide high-quality tempura and tempura rice bowls at affordable prices. There are now more than 170 locations in the Tokyo metro area and we are now aggressively targeting small and medium-sized cities for new restaurant openings. In 2013, we also opened restaurants in Southeast Asia in order to strengthen our brand in both domestic and overseas regions.


Healthy & Friendly: Sizzler provides the joy of eating

Sizzler, a California-originated restaurant, offers steak and grilled seafood according to their original recipes, as well as salad bar with various types of foods including seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits, hot dishes, breads, and desserts.

We have received high reputations from customers by making the most of the finest seasonal and local ingredients which are carefully selected and cooked to preserve their natural flavors.


“We Serve Fun”: A restaurant where you can enjoy American style pizza

Shakey’s is a pizza restaurant founded in Sacramento, California in 1954, loved by customers from children to adults all over the globe. The first Japan outlet was opened in Akasaka in 1973. As a pioneer, we have been serving generations of pizza lovers. We strive to be a pizza restaurant where customers enjoy American style pizza under the motto of “We Serve Fun.”

Lucky Rocky Chicken

Simple & Craft & Green" - "first outlet of with a focus on take out and delivery".

Lucky Rocky Chicken is a first outlet of that offers handmade quality products, including buttermilk fried chicken and fresh vegetables, both of which are well-known as comfort foods in the United States. We are particular about the craftsmanship of our products. Our products are characterized by the tender meat of Japanese chicken meat, the condensed flavor, and the addictive taste of our original spice mix of 12 kinds.

Specialty Restaurants


In November 1953, the first authentic French restaurant, Royal Nakasu, opened in Fukuoka. Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio dined at our restaurant during their honeymoon in February 1954. It was later renamed to “Hananoki” in June 1972 and relocated to Ohori Park in central Fukuoka in May 1989. With the renewal in February 2015, Hananoki continues to be an authentic French restaurant, while providing local-grown seasonal ingredients and hospitality services to customers.

Royal Garden Cafe

The first Royal Garden Cafe opened in December 2008 at Meiji Jingu Gaien under the concept of "creating a sustainable community“. It aims to be an indispensable part of the community by serving with the follow-ing themes, “Visible food = visual food safety and security”, “Recycle style = recycling of food and materials” and “Local community = nourishing communication”.

The 3rd Cafe/Standard Coffee

Born from the third wave coffee trend in the U.S. West Coast, Standard Coffee offers a new style combined with Royal’s signature bakery and pastry. Each cup of coffee is carefully hand dripped to accentuate their natural flavors. Our coffee beans are come from a single origin where we can trace from farm to cup.